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Why Hearing Aids Are Expensive

Our audiologists are often asked why hearing aids are so expensive.  Hearing aids are high-tech digital devices that need to be small enough to fit comfortably in an ear and stable enough to wear every day.  Hearing aid manufacturers put a significant amount of time and money into research and development to make products that can be adapted to a variety of lifestyles and hearing needs.

Catered To Your Needs

The cost of hearing aids depends on the level of technology your particular needs require.  Pricing also typically includes fitting and follow-up services from a highly skilled professional for a period of time.  Hearing aid technology is, in some ways, only as good as the professional’s knowledge of fitting those devices.  And, because hearing aids are worn in your ears, which can be the harshest environment for electronics, regular maintenance is essential for prolonging their life.

Posted by Kim Kragt, Clinical Director, Audiologist


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