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Hearing Loss Quiz

Hearing Loss Quiz


Take the First Step

Discover if you are missing the sounds of your world by taking this basic hearing assessment.  Results of your quiz will determine whether a full hearing evaluation performed by an audiologist is recommended.

How do you know that your hearing may not be what it used to be?  Ask yourself these questions.  Can you hear the sounds of birds, crickets, or the rustle of paper?  Are you having difficulty understanding what children are saying to you?  Are you finding it difficult to follow conversations with friends and family?

Hearing loss is sometimes more noticeable to the people around you.  If in doubt, ask people close to you what they think.  Then take the first step to better hearing and make an appointment to have your hearing evaluated.

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Is it Difficult to Understand What People Are Saying?

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Our Mission

The mission of Constance Brown Hearing Centers is to impact lives through comprehensive hearing care provided by experts with advanced degrees in audiology.

Hearing aids have meant everything to me. I can hear much better and enjoy having a conversation with others. A new world has opened up to me because I can hear what others are saying.

— Vivian R. Portage, MI
I chose Constance Brown Hearing Center because of its reputation as an ethical center to have my hearing tested. My recent experience confirmed my expectations.

— Sandra O., South Haven, MI
Our mother is now able to hear birds, conversations, and communicate with friends and family. Your help is appreciated.

—Jerry M. Augusta, MI
Constance Brown Hearing Centers offers convenient locations that are easy to access and handicap accessible. I have no complaints about the service I received!”

— Betsy B. Kalamazoo, MI
I would like to let you know how much hearing aids have changed my life. Since being fitted with a hearing aid, I can hear sounds that I have not heard in years. Thank you so much I am very grateful.”

— Velma K. Paw Paw, MI

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