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Our Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,

In the over 70 years that we have been practicing audiology, we have learned that family and community are what our patients treasure most.

It is the simple things heard daily that we may not realize are being taken for granted, like the sound of…

  •  your grandchild’s laughter
  • crickets chirping outside your window at night
  • decrescendo of the orchestra as the piano starts the first movement

When hearing begins to fade, so do the nuances once heard in these memorable sounds.  Meaningful interactions with family and enjoyable community gatherings become challenging.  These precious, lived moments that normally create joyful memories, become the origin of sadness, frustration, insecurity, and isolation.  Hearing is the thread that weaves us to one another and to our community.

Constance Brown Hearing Centers is rooted in the community as a nonprofit organization, and has been since 1942.  Our longevity has given us the privilege of touching the lives of your little ones, friends, neighbors, relatives…and maybe even you.  It is extraordinary how we share a connection – directly or indirectly – with you!

We have helped people of all ages, abilities, and socioeconomic status address their hearing needs and achieve a solution to participate in life more fully again.  As another year comes to a close, we ask for your support to help us continue this work.  Our goal is to raise $15,000.  And with your help, we can…

  •  Offer a family free newborn hearing testing so their child can begin life’s course in a hearing world.
  • Provide financial assistance to people who cannot afford the full cost of services, including hearing devices.  (Last year, 800 patients received financial assistance.)
  • Deliver the same high-quality, personalized, and reliable hearing healthcare service to all.

We are proud to be the most trusted source providing hearing healthcare and state-of-the-art technology to improve hearing for all.  From people who only needed our services once to those who continue to see us for years, their responses demonstrate how Constance Brown Hearing Centers has had a lasting impact over the decades.  One woman remembered fondly the care her son received over 40 years ago when he exhibited speech issues.  Another person, who purchased listening devices after deferring for so long, commented that they did not realize all the sounds they were missing that their brain had forgotten.

Hearing loss affects more than the individual too.  It can cause frustration in others and fracture interpersonal relationships.  Our services benefit everyone so that messages can be understood without having to repeat them and social settings can be pleasant for all participants.

Together, we can help improve the hearing health of everyone so treasured sounds may be enjoyed in the present, and not forgotten.  Please make a donation to enable us to offer a sliding scale so all can have access to hearing services. 

  • $1300 will pay for one new hearing aid
  • $  500 will pay for two hearing aids to be repaired
  • $  170 will pay for a newborn screening
  • $  120 will pay for diagnostic hearing testing
  • $    50 will pay for hearing aid batteries for one hearing aid for one year

At Constance Brown Hearing Centers, what our patients treasure is how we were established, hence our name.  Constance Brown was a member of the local community who sustained hearing loss.  It was her wish to form a nonprofit hearing center to help people regain a world filled with sound.  Those same valued treasures are why we do what we do.  We believe in helping others achieve a level of hearing that returns them to enjoying the people and places that generate happiness, confidence, and connection.

We feel this community and our patients are family.  Thank you for valuing the services we provide to all, and for entrusting yours and your loved ones’ hearing to Constance Brown Hearing Centers.

To your hearing health and enjoyment of life,

Diane Morrison                                Ginger Worth
Board Chair                                      Executive Director

P.S.  Take a moment to think about the sounds you cherish that enliven you.  Please make a donation today so that others may be enlivened with the gift of sound.  We also encourage you to be proactive about your own hearing.  Make an appointment to have your hearing checked by one of our licensed audiologists at our Kalamazoo office, 269.343.2601, or our Portage office, 269.372.2709. 

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