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How Hearing Aids Have Changed

Hearing aids have changed significantly over the years. In the early days, people wore the hearing aid on their body with wires connected to their ears. As technology improved, hearing aids became smaller and easier to use. However, they amplified everything, were difficult to adjust to, and were inappropriate for some hearing losses. The 1990’s brought us digital hearing aids which were able to convert sound into a digital signal. This improved sound quality and made hearing aids more adjustable. As computer technology improved, so did hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are very small and are completely digital. They can “self-adjust” to an environment and can be fine-tuned to an individual’s hearing loss, making them more natural sounding than ever before. Digital hearing aids offer so much flexibility that people no longer have to wait until their hearing loss is significant to pursue amplification. Hearing aids have finally become a good option for anyone noticing difficulty hearing socially.

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by Kim Kragt, Clinical Director

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