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Guest Blog: A Trusted Partner in My Hearing Health

By Christopher Morris

My hearing loss, like most other people, occurred very gradually. Before discovering that my hearing loss involves the ranges for the speaking voice of most women and children, I chalked up miscommunication with my wife and administrative assistant as simply inattention on my part or mumbling on their part. As time went on, I began to notice that I would get the name wrong of waitresses at restaurants, particularly if their name ended in a “Y” or ” ie” sound: Debbie, Sally and Susie. The final straw was after I attended a professional function that included a cocktail hour. My wife was with me and spoke up a couple of times to “translate” as I was trying to have conversations; I was trying to piece together what I thought was a thread of conversation because I was not really hearing what had been said, which made me look foolish at best or even worse aloof and inattentive.

In the past, I had reported my concerns to my family physician who sent me for hearing testing. When the results showed just past “borderline” he suggested to me that I would not wear a hearing aid even if I had one. As my problem seemed to worsen, I thought I needed a more thorough workup. I was familiar with the reputation of CBHC as an independent center not a “front” for any specific manufacturer. I was fairly certain that CBHC would not be a high-pressure sales pitch nor would they be interested in selling me a device I did not really need.

Thinking back, I remember the audiologist taking the time to really listen to my hearing problem history. My next impression of CBHC was really based on the quality of the equipment as I sat down in the testing booth. I felt like I was getting a more thorough and professional evaluation than I had in the past. After the testing, the audiologist did a good job of explaining the audiogram results and how my hearing loss might be impacting some areas of my life but not others. She then outlined the range of hearing aid options: the costs, the probable benefits, and even the health insurance coverage issues. She also educated me on the up-to-date developments in hearing aids and how they could improve my problem without embarrassment.

As a trial attorney, I make professional decisions based on hearing everything that is said both inside and outside the courtroom. At times nuance can be a critical clue of uncertainty and acute hearing can make a real difference. Much like eyeglasses normalize vision, my hearing aid helps me feel like I keep up with everything said in a professional environment. Sometimes in hearing challenging settings like busy hallways, I  feel like I hear better than some of my contemporaries.

I trust CBHC based on my experiences that I will be evaluated by a fully trained and licensed health care professional using the state-of-the-art technology and offering state-of-the-art solutions which I can easily integrate into my personal and professional life. In fact, I have recommended CBHC services to colleagues who have also had much the same experience.

Adult male in hearing booth with an audiologist preparing him for the testing

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