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The Constance Brown Difference

A higher degree of hearing care

The person diagnosing and treating you is much more important to your overall hearing satisfaction than the device itself. At Constance Brown, you will be seen by an audiologist. At many other places, it will be a hearing aid specialist. Be sure to ask. There’s a big difference:

A Clinical Doctorate or Master’s Degree is required to be an audiologist. This calls for 7 – 8 years of university training, Board Certification, and 1,820 hours of supervised practice.

Hearing aid specialists need a high school education, passing a written exam, and 6 months as a trainee.

Audiologists provide services in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders

Hearing aid specialists are not licensed to provide diagnostic audiological testing.

Audiologists can differentiate hearing loss that can be helped with hearing aids vs more severe medical conditions which need a referral to a physician.

Hearing aid specialists cannot do specialized medically-proficient testing.

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