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Beware of the Free Hearing Screening

Good hearing healthcare starts with a full diagnostic evaluation.  There are many ads that offer a free hearing screening or even a free hearing test.  It is a good guess that the professionals offering these are only doing enough testing to sell you hearing aids.  Some professionals use the term “screening” because legally a hearing test or evaluation cannot be given away for free if others are being charged for the same test.

“Free” testing is inappropriate especially if

  • You are concerned about a possible medical condition associated with your hearing loss,
  • You experience dizziness or excessive ringing in the ears,
  • You have never had your hearing evaluated before,
  • You suspect a change in your hearing.

A full diagnostic hearing evaluation, at least every two years, will determine the exact nature of any hearing loss and may lead to other referrals that may need to take place prior to considering hearing aids.  Some individuals may have to see a physician or specialist for medical conditions that may be contributing to the hearing loss.

At Constance Brown Hearing Centers we feel very strongly that everyone coming to us for a hearing test should receive a full diagnostic evaluation every time.  We do not adjust our testing for the sole purpose of selling hearing aids.  Our goal is to partner with you to help you make the best decision for your particular situation.

By Kim Kragt, Clinical Director, Audiologist

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